Webdesign, Templates, Werbung, Präsentation, Design, AuswahlIn general it is considered a good idea to go for shared web hosting if the user is in a small business and wants to save cost. However before finalizing the deal it is good to know what is shared web hosting service and what are the merits and demerits of shared web hosting.

Defining shared hosting:

If extremely high performance and high bandwidth are not the points in question, then shared web hosting service can be a most convenient and economic way of hosting web sites.. As name implies, in case of shared web hosting service, the web server that hosts the web pages is shared by several other websites. Talking about number of websites on a shared hosting server, they can be in thousands. Now due to the fact that just one server is fulfilling the requirements of many other websites, the plus point is they can offer cheap prices for their server. Shared hosting servers run on UNIX or other multi-user operating system and each website hosted on the web server is provided a separate account in the operating system. These websites hosted on shared servers are provided unique shared IP addresses and are provided with a fix amount of web resources.

e7449c64c2ca3f45275bfe2a71f1a39dAfter the registration of domain name selection of web host is another rational step a user need to consider. Though, finding an ideal host is a daunting task. One can find several companies offering web-hosting services to the clients. While locating keyword web hosting in the search engines one will find more than 100 million outputs!

One cannot deny the fact, for a successful online presence a dependable web hosting is must. Online presence and accessibility of a web site is must. If not, one should remain ready to loose clients and prospects. For an instance, if one compare this with a traditional business.


One should select a web hosting deal according to his/her site. One cannot fulfill his/her requirements from same hosting deal for a personal web site, web site meant for email newsletter subscription and archives, e-commerce site or web forum. Web hosting can be divided into four prime categories:
1. Virtual (shared) hosting,

2. Dedicated server,

3. Collocation server and

4. Reseller hosting.

Two most applicable hosting are virtual (shared) hosting and dedicated server.

What is Virtual (shared) hosting? It is a condition in which several web sites share one server. It is a low cost hosting because price is divided between several users. One can locate a standard virtual hosting at a rate of $100 a year.

In a Dedicated server hosting company lease the whole web server from a particular web hosting company. The site of web server is the web hosting company. One can opt dedicated server as a suitable option who does not wish to share a server with other web masters. One can find a dedicated server in two forms managed and un-managed. If one talk about managed server, company will take care of all the setups of user’s server. However, in unmanaged server user needs to take care of all these by him/her self. The benefit of this sort of hosting is that one can fully lodge web hosting as per his/her requirements. Moreover, for a site with ample amount of visitors a dedicated server is the only rational choice. Due to higher cost, starting from $100 per month, those companies that know the worth of Internet business generally use it.

One can say that Collocation server is quite identical to dedicated server. Disparity lies in the fact that company doesn’t take the web server on lease. Their own web server is placed in the web hosting company. In addition to it, company has material access to their web server, which is not available while talking about a dedicated server.


There are many factors which a user needs to consider to prevent any future miss happens:

Web space:
Requirement of Web space vary from site to site. Off course, if user requirement is only a web site containing basic information about him/her and his/her work excluding the use of web applications, then space of 50 MB is quite sufficient. However, a complex e-commerce site along with numerous products in one’s database demands a capacity of 1 GB.

The term Bandwidth refers to data transferred from user’s web site and that comprise of graphic details, images, banners and files for download. One should have accurate knowledge of Content before going for an amount of bandwidth. When one talks about the majority of sites, bandwidth of 10 GB a month is quite sufficient, though for few other sites like sites related to desktop wallpapers can frequently consumes even hundreds of GB a month.

Up time or visibility:
It symbolizes time articulated in percents displaying the period a site remained online. One should not be cheerful because someone assured him/her to provide say for 98% up time because it is not going to fulfill his/her requirement. One should get at least 99.7% uptime. Believe it or not, it definitely matters.

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website7Making new web hosting account can be breeze, granting you have found the best hosting company to match your requirements. The problem is that it can sometimes be difficult to discover reliable because there are too many of them, and do not really know which one star has won five awards, and most of them claim to be the best on the Web. So how to stain this thing? Well, if you are confused and do not know which company to choose, read some great web hosting reviews/comments company by http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/28/idUSnHUGdl6D+71+ONE20131028 In addition, here comes another cause – detect neutral web hosting reviews/comments can be twice as scary. Most of the webs hosting review/comment that you discover on the Internet are often written by non-members – those who have not try to use the previous web hosting service.

You can easily find out whether the comments are written by the user if there is not deep and there is very little information. In examining the other hand, professional and unbiased written by people who use the server hosting service first before writing something about it. They know how the web hosting services based on their experience; can write more stuff. The information that they have more essence and depth to what they write. There is no reason to send a web hosting reviews/comment if not true, but then you never how the trend. There will always be some people who will write the wrong information. How do you know then if you are an honest web hosting review/comment? You know how it says on the exam. If purely positive, then one might suspect that people who write directly related to the service and that the examination scheduled for promotion.

On the same note, you must be careful if you happen to read a hosting review with a lot of complaints. There must be something wrong there. Honest web hosting review/comment covers both the good and bad side. It is to let people know things they can anticipate from web hosting company. If the web hosting review/comment is written with excellent intentions, writing one must be open to questions, suggestions and comments. Say, for example, you have read a commentary about the web hosting websites or blogs.

Look at the thread and see if you have many answers. If possible, follow trends and see where it leads a. If the circle of discussion about all the details about the service and the writer of web hosting reviews/comments is really active in the debate and answer all questions, it is safe to say that is a reliable test. You can even submit your own questions if you wish.

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Since the globalization has set in, the need of online presence has increased to a great extent. Working in an isolated manner is not an option as everything is interlinked. Hence businesses have to mark a global presence so that they can increase their reach in the market and improve revenue generation. For these reasons, business setups are looking for options, which can help them in getting enough traffic on their websites. But having enough traffic does not guarantee success. There is a need for relevant and valid traffic on the site to increase the sales. Now, the big question is what should be done to attract relevant traffic to the site. There are multiple ways by which one can accomplish the aim of attracting genuine leads, such as choosing the right domain name and having a reliable web hosting service with high up time.

box with domainsChoosing the right domain name is of prime importance in order to provide a proper sense of the kind of business one is into. While choosing the name, one has to make sure that it adds value to the official website of the company. It is always better to select a name that is easy to memorise and spell. The name should not contain more than two or three words and it is also advisable to include keywords so that your site becomes more result-oriented on search engines. An appropriate domain name can not only generate leads but also help in establishing a brand name for your business. With an easy-to type and memorable name visitors can easily search your website.

https://www.youtube.com is recommended for any website. The quality of the web hosting solution can make a huge difference in the performance of the site. Choosing a reliable service provider is one of the prerequisites for a successful online business. With the advancements in technology, not only large companies but also SMEs (small and medium enterprise) can afford having a website of their own. But every provider can not do justice with the website and therefore it becomes crucial to opt for a provider who ensures high up-time for the site. A bad server can ruin the performance of your site and give a bad impression to the visitors, which in turn can hamper company’s sales. Hence it is important to ensure while making a final decision about the website hosting service provider that he facilitates good bandwidth as well as up-time. Making a note of these things can save businesses from losing potential customers. A website with the uninterrupted access can have a great impact on the company’s online business as visitors can navigate the website any time they want to. Proper running of the website is vital and it can be considered as a pivotal factor for a website’s success.

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